Do away with tedious data searches and adopt intuitive, multitasking-friendly insights with Ask Tina. 


Elevate your data interaction with Ask Tina, a groundbreaking voice-activated application designed to seamlessly integrate SAP data into your workflow. 

With Ask Tina, you can effortlessly access complex data without the need for screens or clicks. Simply ask, and Tina responds with insightful, interactive visualisations, revolutionizing the way you interact with your data.

Speak Your Data with Ask Tina

Voice-Activated Data Retrieval

Ask Tina for your latest business metrics and receive instant verbal and visual feedback.

Interactive Graphs

Get more than just numbers; Tina presents data in dynamic, interactive graphs that allow for a deeper understanding of trends and patterns.

Hands-Free Efficiency

Whether you’re in a meeting or on the move, gain access to your data hands-free, without ever needing to interrupt your workflow.

Transforming Insights: Why Ask Tina Stands Out

  • Instant Data Access

    Enjoy swift, conversational data retrieval, minimizing time spent searching and maximizing time for strategic planning and decision-making.

  • Improved Data Understanding

    Interactive graphs transform complex data into easily understandable visual formats, facilitating quicker and more effective decision-making processes.

  • Effortless Multitasking

    Free up your hands and eyes for other tasks while Tina delivers the data insights you need, enabling seamless multitasking without interruption.

Optimize Data Interaction with Ask Tina

Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience as Ask Tina seamlessly integrates voice commands with interactive data visualization. Schedule a consultation and our experts will guide you through the process and tailor the solution to meet your specific business needs.


Stay abreast of the most recent industry developments and trends through our insightful blog.


Stay abreast of the most recent industry developments and trends through our insightful blog.