RR Kabel Powering Connections, Empowering Lives

RR Kabel collaborates with Samishti Business Solutions to integrate smart technology. Samishti Business Solutions uses real-time monitoring, data analytics, and predictive maintenance for electric systems. These services enable seamless connectivity and automation of products in homes, businesses and industrial settings. 

Company Overview

RR Kabel is a leading manufacturer of electrical cables and wires. They offer a wide range of high-quality products for residential and commercial use. RR Kable is a trustworthy name in the electricity industry. With manufacturing facilities and a commitment to excellence, RR Kabel produces cables that meet the best standards.  

Their product portfolio consists of power cables, communication cables, control cables, and other speciality cables. Driving advancement in the electric industry, RR Kabel is keen on customer satisfaction and sustainability. 

Software Selected

To propel their digital transformation journey, IIL opted for a robust suite of SAP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP PO, SAP Fiori, Dealer Business Management, and Sales Force Application.


The project’s business objectives were to streamline certain operations that would be achievable with SAP transformation.

  • With the need to automate core processes like finance, procurement, and sales, they encountered complexities in integrating disparate systems and ensuring seamless data flow.
  • Additionally, the digitization of lead generation and scoring required sophisticated solutions to analyze customer data effectively.
    Streamlining dealer sales operations and implementing vendor payment automation posed logistical hurdles, while integrating third-party websites demanded meticulous planning and execution.
  • Furthermore, digitizing test drive processes and online/offline services necessitated robust technology platforms to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Amidst these challenges, IIL sought a trusted partner in Samishti Business Solutions to navigate the complexities and drive successful project outcomes.

Value Proposition

  • Transition from manual to system-driven processes for improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics empower sales teams with actionable insights.
  • Comprehensive view of customers and vehicles enhances engagement and service delivery.
  • Competitive advantage gained through streamlined sales processes and reduced lead times.
  • Holistic approach to addressing business gaps and aligning strategies with operations.
  • Enhanced productivity and mobility with custom-designed apps for vehicle tracking and service management.

Why Samishti Business Solutions

  • High consulting competence and strong automobile domain expertise.

  • In-depth Cloud SAP and industry knowledge.

  • Availability of industry best practice artefact and ready to deploy template solution.

  • Past experience successful delivery of similar implementation

  • Deep understanding of business process and model being used by MG Motors.

  • On-site availability of consultants.


Stay abreast of the most recent industry developments and trends through our insightful blog.


Stay abreast of the most recent industry developments and trends through our insightful blog.