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Trusted Advisor

We continuously strive to further improve our service portfolio and engagement programs with the goals of optimizing our customer's solutions and safeguarding their operations.

We deliver value engagement by managing technical risks and reducing efforts and costs in all phases of the SAP application lifecycle (implementation, migration, operation, and upgrades) thus strengthening their relationship with Samishti.

In total, we provide a perfect mix of what exactly is required of a software in the industry alongwith sap know-how and changes required to meet the busineed needs.

For complexities in their SAP Landscape, customers treat us as their trusted advisors to execute their projects with lower TCO.

Expert Consulting

SAP experts at Samishti understand how to leverage your SAP implementation, to help you make the right business decisions with the help of proven methodologies, state-of-art service portfolio, best practices, continuous business improvement and innovation. We at Samishti, are seasoned professionals experienced with handling highly complex and large projects with much ease.

The Consultants pride themselves of having an uncanny knack of understanding end-to-end processes, identify requirements, and provide recommendations to deliver accelerated results.
- Expert advice on for customised developments.
- Suggest solutions based on best business practices to get the maximum out of SAP processes.
- Understand business practices and suggest process improvements as required.
- Identify business processed and implement best practises in the market.
- Enable the customer teams through customized training sessions and workshops

Support Services

We understand at Samishti, the motto of customer IT team that “ The lights should always be on ... ”

Our support services are custom designed to support customer requirements & are build around the above motto consumers get reliable and consistent support as intended. We have inculcated the culture of looking for long term solutions (fixing the problem) rather than providing a quick-fix (workaround) thus minimizing repeated similar calls.

Ensuring that our properly trained associates are onboarded for support services has helped us meet stringent SLA’s and increased customer satisfaction ensuring maximum retention over the years.

Business Consulting

We understand that though there are industry best practises prevalent in the market, every organization is unique in its own way. Samishti consultants are primed to understand this uniqueness and suggest the value-driven changes that can be used for business process transformation and are useful in today’s market dynamics.

We offer an innovative consulting-led approach partnership enabled by technology, to help an enterprise to build strategies to help business devise winning strategies for their business challenges. Samishti prides itself to be an Experienced leader in Agile Transformation, Business transformation, Strategy and operations consulting, lean and six sigma process improvements, and operations management for organization (internal and client organizations), with the focus on developing and implementing transformation strategy and Business excellence.

SAP Implementations

Gartner says most SAP Implementations turn out to be expensive since they overrun the timelines initially estimated. We understand this fact and with the help of our experienced project management team have mastered the knack of delivering projects on/before initial timelines decided.

‘Change management’ is key to success of any implementation and that is the reason we lay much emphasis on management of systems post Go-Live. The enterprises users that engaged and trained during the Business Process Optimization & Re-Design processes during implementation really help in managing this organization-wide change and make the implementation a success.

Other Services

Intelligent Enterprise: With the technological world changing at rapid pace, it has become pertinent that the enterprises have to turn ‘Intelligent’. We help the organizations to take advantage of the opportunities and transform their IT landscape to become market leader. With the ever emerging technologies, the management inherently desires Higher value outcomes.
We help in putting pieces of the puzzle together and ‘Doing more with less’ by help Detect patterns, predict outcomes and suggest outcomes and deliver best-in-class Digital platforms

Mobility: When in today’s world everyone want everything to be done on one touch, we offer companies to quickly build and deploy mobile apps that keep your workforce and customers connected and engaged - with the SAP Mobile Platform. This industry-leading mobile application development platform can help make your mobile strategy a reality. Development is faster with packaged and custom-developed apps for any device.

Data Analytics: “ Data” for any organization is considered to be the most valuable asset in today’s scenario. Working with proper tools of Data Analytics helps the stakeholders to work with data from wide range of sources, visualize and analyse the scattered information and take key decisions.
We help in harnessing the advantages of analytics the help the customers with planning, Predictive forecasting, Smart and contextual insight that Leads to Exceptional performance and scalability with Customized data access

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